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WIZ Photo and Video provides a variety of professional photography, video and videography services for the Dayton and Cincinnati area, focusing on preserving memorable moments and bringing them to life by transforming them into an emotional video or slideshow.We have Dayton Wedding Videographers and Cincinnati Wedding Videographers that specialize in taking the highest of quality wedding video.We also have professional photographers that will capture pictures of your day and package them on disc or albums of your liking. We provide photography and video services for school events including school plays, musicals, and athletic events.We also take personal photos and videos and package them on DVD’s.We have a variety of services to meet your photography and video needs.Wiz Photo and Video can provide the following photography, video and videography services:

  • Provide professional photography and video production of your wedding, anniversary, birthday party, school events, and other special occasions.
  • Take your pictures and video clips and transform them into a magical slideshow that can be presented at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and other special occasions.  This is referred to as a video album.
  • Preserve your precious personal VHS and Digital videos by capturing them on disk and preserving them on DVD.
  • Scan your personal pictures, negatives, and slides and preserving them on DVD so they can be viewed on your computer or television using your DVD player.

Because we incorporate the elements and ideas that you provide, your video or video album will be custom-made to fit your personality and will be perfect for your special occasion!   Whatever your special occasion, WIZ Photo & Video can create a personalized video or slide show  to help you celebrate!

We invite you to call today for more information about our video services.

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